Channel Your Inner Gypsy

Not only am I being true to myself, but  am channelling my inner gypsy.  I feel that this is my calling and am totally enjoying immersing myself in this gypsy and boho style and vibe.  Sometime, somewhere in my imagination I have seen myself barefoot in one of these amazing frocks running wild and free.  

Before I moved to the country with my beautiful family, before the magic happened, I was in a rut, living in the suburbs and doing what you would call 'groundhog day'. 

I opened a pop-up market place (in a warehouse space) called The She Cave Emporium, in Caringbah NSW, that I have since payed it forward to a wonderful community of women I met through The She Cave, that continue the legacy of bringing women together and creating our own rules.

Whilst in the midst of this wonderful experience at The She Cave I became involved in Women's Circles.  This is where the magic happened...

We met inside The She Cave once a week on an evening and it was here that I manifested what I truly wanted and with amazing support from my sisters, I was able to grow and visualise my heart's desire.  

I feel I owe my spiritual growth to my dear friend Imogen Bailey, who has been nurturing, training women and facilitating women's circles in Australia for a while now.  Thank you sister, you are an inspiring woman and a true soul sister. 

Seriously, if you want more in your heart and need a community to support you, try with an open mind one of these women's circles.  It literally changed my life.



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